Dulcimer Rental Scheme (UK Only)


For those of you who want to 'try before you buy' then our Rental Scheme is just for you!

Unfortunately we can only rent Dulcimers to residents living in the UK.




Rental is as follows:



Due to problems with non-return of instruments we now ask for the full price of the Dulcimer as a deposit! (this will be refunded in full when the instrument is returned).

Shipping cost is £29.99 (this is next day shipping with Fedex)



The monthly rental fee for any Dulcimer is £25. This is payable on the same day each month until the time that you decide to return the Dulcimer.

The full deposit will be refunded upon safe return of the Dulcimer. The cost of any damages shall be deducted from the deposit if any have occurred.

Monthly payments can be made by bank standing order, Paypal, cheque or cash. Payments are to be made on the same day of each month.

If you miss more than 3 payments in a row I will require the return of the Dulcimer. (You may however decide to keep the Dulcimer on a permanent basis (see below)).



You may advise us at anytime that you would like to own the Dulcimer on a permanent basis. We will use your deposit as payment of the instrument  and your monthly payments will cease immediately. Please note that we cannot take back any instruments and deposits will be non-refundable once this decision has been made.


I hope this all make sense 


if you have any question please contact us

Dizzi & Emily x