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Music Magic Dulcimers, made locally by the talented Tim Manning! Including the Dizzi Dulcimer Range!

UK made hammered dulcimers, using sustainable timber from Northern Europe and North America and locally sourced hardwoods from Somerset, supplied by Charltons, timber suppliers to the Queen. "The majority of my instruments are made from Baltic laminated Birch for soundboards. Given the tension on a dulcimer, it's pretty much the best construction material for them. All timbers colour the sound in one way or another. The Birch tops have a more open sound. Softwoods give more of a nasal sound. Mahogany has more of a treacly sound. When soft or hardwoods are used, the boards are prone to splitting and so need more care to help prevent that. I use Ash for the rails because of it's bend resistance, Beech for the pinblocks to firmly anchor the pins and finally Maple for the bridges as a good conductor of sound. Each timber specificly chosen for the different functions of the parts of the instrument. Currently I'm using Yellow Pine is used for stands as it is mostly fairly light and knot free.  A number of different models are avaliable to suit differing budgets. Each instrument is given the same quality of attention some get more of it!"

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