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We sell strings to fit all makes and models of hammered dulcimers in three quantities, described below.

Full sets — these contain one of each string used on the hammered dulcimer, allowing you to replace all of your strings at once. (AVAILABLE IN LOOP END STRINGS ONLY)

Spare string kits — these partial sets contain 1-3 strings of each gauge used on the dulcimer. These kits will provide a replacement if you break a string, but do not contain enough strings to restring the whole instrument. (AVAILABLE IN LOOP END STRINGS ONLY)

Individual strings — sold by gauge.

By informing us of the make and model of your Dulcimer, we can help you determine which gauge you require.

Alternatively use the string charts below to help you identify the string that you require.



PLEASE NOTE: if you have either a DUSTY STRINGS or a T K O'BRIEN model Dulcimer, you will need to order LOOP END STRINGS.

If you have either a ROGER FROOD DOVE or TIM MANNING MUSIC MAGIC Dulcimer, you will need to order CONTINUOUS STRINGS which are only available individually and not as sets!

The String chart below is for the T K O'Brien 9/8 backpacker (travel) Dulcimer and can also be used for Tim Mannings Table Top Dulcimer

9/8 String Chart


 The String Chart below is also correct for the TK O'Brien 12/11 Dulcimer,

Both the Roger Frood Silkie, and Laptop Dulcimers,

& the Tim Manning Harmony Dulcimer:

D10 String Chart


The String Chart below is also correct for the Tim Manning Maestro Dulcimer

D45 String Chart