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Bob is a 73-year-old woodworker, and started making dulcimer hammers in 1992 whilst he was a pastor in New Hampshire. After receiving input from players, he settled on a few basic designs for both single and double-sided hammers. 

Over the years, he has come up with some innovative features. The EBONY EDGE incorporates ebony onto the striking edge. It gives a bright sound on the strings, and is very durable. The FLIP GRIP enables one to flip the hammer over from solid wood side to leather side quickly. The GRAM SLAM allows weight to be added or removed from the head using BB's.

Standard length of each hammer is 8 3/8". Shafts are about 1/10" thick, and grips are about 1/2" wide.

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My mission is to provide quality hammers at reasonable prices, so dulcimer players can "make a joyful noise" on their instruments! So - Hammer On, friends!

- Bob Bedard

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